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Mastriano Vows to Ban Abortion With No Exceptions

Credit: AP

Pennsylvania gubernatorial candidate Doug Mastriano this week doubled-down on his hardline abortion stance, calling the issue “the single most important issue in our lifetime” after reiterating his belief that the practice should be banned with no exceptions.

This comes a few weeks after news radio WHYY noted that Mastriano’s stance on abortion could be turning off suburban moderate voters. Mastriano opposes abortion under all circumstances, a stance he’s had dating back to the start of his state legislative tenure. The first bill he introduced in Harrisburg would have banned abortion after six weeks, and he’s strongly opposed to any exceptions, including in cases of rape, incest, or to protect the life of the mother. 

His Democratic opponent, Attorney General Josh Shapiro, says he wants to maintain Pennsylvania’s current law. Under that, abortion is legal up to about 24 weeks of gestation, with later-term abortions permitted in case of a medical emergency.

Patrice Martin, a registered Republican in Bucks County, called Mastriano “frightening,” saying she was “all about” Mastriano until she heard about his stance on abortion.

Mastriano also noted that Pennsylvania is “at a crossroads” in this Governor’s election — noting the stakes of this upcoming November election.