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Mehmet Oz’s Inflation Plans a Cause for Concern Among Working Class Families

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Staff Writer

With the election being under a week away, Pennsylvania voters have a lot to think about as they decide who will be their next U.S. Senator. The winning candidate will play a major role in helping steer Pennsylvania’s future on issues like the economy and inflation.

Republican Candidate for Senate, Mehmet Oz has praised Senator Rick Scott’s economic plan, claiming that they are “a vision for what the party can do going forward.” Under Scott’s plan, there would be a minimum tax on all Americans, with the lowest-income 40 percent of households bearing the brunt of the increase to the tune of $1,000 more in taxes each year.

In a quest to fight inflation, Oz has also proposed policies dictating the price of food, calling for major hikes to basic grocery items. He argued against federal food subsidies for farmers calling for meat to cost $90 a pound. 

Oz, however, a multi-millionaire, has spoken favorably about Trump-era tax cuts that have lowered his own tax bill. When asked about raising taxes, Oz backed the Trump tax cuts, which slashed taxes for corporations and the wealthy, and supported “lower taxes” from existing levels. The Trump tax cuts also raised taxes for about 10 million families. 

Democratic Candidate for Senate, Lieutenant Governor John Fetterman, on the other hand, has repeatedly emphasized his commitment to fight inflation if elected to office. Part of his plan to combat rising prices is to cut taxes for working people and implement stronger “Buy America” provisions, something that would increase jobs and strengthen supply chains.” 

Early voting in Pennsylvania began last week when ballots were sent out on October 25, and with election day on Tuesday, November 8, 2022, inflation and Senate candidates’ plans to fight it will be front of mind.