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Fetterman Makes First Major Public Appearance Since Mid-May

AP Photo

Mohamed Bughrara

The Democratic candidate for Pennsylvania Senate, John Fetterman, held a rally in the state’s northwest on Friday. It was one of his first major public appearances since suffering a stroke in mid-May, and over 1,300 people lined up outside the Bayfront Convention Center in Erie to watch him make his comeback to the campaign trail. 

Fetterman appeared clearly sentimental when he claimed that three months earlier, he almost died. He was especially grateful to his wife, whom he mentioned often. “My life could have ended. It’s the truth. But I’m so grateful to be here tonight….Gisele saved my life,” Fetterman explained. 

 According to a poll conducted by Fox News, the Pennsylvania Lieutenant Governor maintains an 11-point advantage against the celebrity figure, Dr. Mehmet Oz. These candidates are rallying to succeed Republican US Senator Pat Toomey’s seat. A Fetterman win would be huge for Democrats as they currently rely on Vice President Kamala Harris, who has the tie-breaking vote in the Senate, which is currently split 50-50.

According to Fetterman in conversations with the media, he is capable of handling the pressures of a Senate campaign on a physical and psychological level, and according to his physician, he should be able to fulfill its obligations as long as he complies with medical recommendations. 

As he continues to recuperate, Fetterman has disclosed that he will occasionally stumble over his words and may have a hearing issue.