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District II High School Football Playoffs Round Four Recap


The high school football playoffs quarterfinals unfolded in a spectacle of grit and determination. As the dust settles, the surviving teams now march triumphantly into the semifinals, each step closer to etching their names in championship glory. The stakes are being raised with each week and each game becomes more significant and challenging as remaining teams vie for a chance to raise a coveted state championship trophy. Scores from fourth round games involving teams around District Two can be found below. With losses by the three remaining teams, District Two will not have a representative in future games.  

PIAA – District Two Round Four Playoff Scores  

Class 1A

#1 Steelton-Highspire 43, #1 Lackawanna Trail 25 

Class 3A 

#1 Northwestern Lehigh 27, #1 Scranton Prep 6 

Class 4A

#1 Dallas 28, #1 Bonner-Prendie 27